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This is a snapshot of the bulk of the primary bookmark file I use with Netscape Communicator 4.8. I strive to keep it up to date but regrettably, this is about as possible as keeping up to date with all the free magazines that come my way. With so many Web sites coming and going and changing it is inevitable that some URLs will result in "404 missing" errors. I am resigned to this for individuals on mom-and-pop ISPs. However, there really is no excuse when large companies change their Web site organization and don't provide an easy way to locate the replacement page for those that have disappeared. Some do but many don't seem to care if you find them or not. Even the U.S. Postal Service will forward your mail for several months. Out of courtesy, Web sites should do this with Web site addresses as well!

The bookmarks, below, are divided into major categories and sometimes further sub-divided but not too deeply. I apologize for the organization (or relative lack thereof). Maybe someday I will reformat this stuff using fancy HTML tables and add meaningful descriptions of each entry. Then again, maybe pigs will fly. :-) This version is pretty clean but I don't guarantee that for the subsequent ones - I 'processed' it mostly by hand (well, OK, I did use a computer!) with some help from GNU EMACS. What is really needed is a SED or PERL script (or something) to do that automatically. I promise get to that first thing after the pigs start flying. :)

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