Using TeleGet To Extract The Model 25 XT Starter Disk

Unlike the other Model 25s, the starter diskette for the 25XT is not a self-extractor. It requires a separate and hard to find extract program in order to write the contents of the file you downloaded on the last page on to a diskette.

This page will assist you in using the TeleGet program to successfully write the file you downloaded on the previous page to a disk.

1. Make sure you have downloaded all the files you will need. Specifically, this means the Model 25XT starter diskette and the TeleGet program. You MUST have both of these files or you will be unable to continue.

Make sure to save the TGSFX.COM file in a handy place on your hard disk. It is highly recommended that you create a folder specifically for the purpose of holding TGSFX.COM and 25START.TG0.

2. Once you have download and saved both TGSFX.COM and 25START.TG0, run TGSFX.COM. This program will extract two files. You will probably only need to use the TELEGET.EXE file.

2a. Do you need to configure TeleGet?

For most uses, the default configuration of the TeleGet program is sufficient and you can skip this step. However if you have a strange floppy disk drive configuration as noted in the screenshot below, you will need to use the TGCONFIG.EXE program.

Configuring TeleGet

3. Run TeleGet
Once you start it running, the following opening screen will appear with animation:
TeleGet Starting Up
Press any key to continue, and go to the next step.

4. Enter the filename 25START.TG0. If you saved it in a different location from the TELEGET program, you will have to enter the path to the 25START.TG0 file.
Enter Filename

25start.tg0 name entered

5. Insert the diskette to be written on into your diskette drive. Press ENTER and the extraction process will start.
Insert Disk Prompt

WARNING: Be CERTAIN before pressing ENTER in response to the prompt above that you are using a disk you want to erase the contents of and that the disk you are using is, in fact, of the low density type!
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