Telxon Wireless MCA NIC


Yes, PS/2s can even get in on the hot new topic of wireless networking in your home. It isn't 802.11b, but assuming the parts rumored to exist for this adapter do in fact exist, you can wirelessly link your PS/2s.

Drivers? Not a clue. Symbol/Telxon and Cisco Aironet don't seem to know and if they don't have a clue, I'm not going to do much better...I don't have the adapter any longer to do any testing on it.

Telxon Card
U1 - Zilog Z80182
U2 - AMD AM29F10
U5 - Covered with a sticker that has "420-001123/D" printed on it
U7 - 14538B
U18 - NEC D431000AGW-70L
DS1 and DS2 are both dual-color LEDs, purpose unknown
"Telxon Box" is marked as a "900MHz Dataspan RS485 MCA Server Model DS-2672"
Box is made by Aironet Canada Limited. FCC ID: LOZ095-2

Aironet seems to still exist. Telxon was bought by Symbol (the barcode scanner people) as the majority of Telxon products were barcode scanners of some kind. I'm nervous about putting this adapter in any computer to see what ADF it needs or what operating systems it would support as I do not have a suitable antenna for the antenna connection and I do not want to burn up the transmitter.

P1 - Plug for "Telxon Box"
Large Edge Header - No idea what it does, but it's huge
J1 - Solder pads
J3 - Looks like an RS-485 port IIRC