Pure Data Arcnet Adapter PDIµC508

@6508.ADF is the ADF you need for this adapter...

PureData Arcnet for MCA

U1 - Pure Data 2300000000NC (NCR 0380880 ?)
U16 - Pure Data 2210000900NC (NCR 0380847 ?)
U17 - Boot ROM socket ?
U31 - Matra MHS HM3-6116-5

Lots of 74xxxx... series chips are on this adapter.

The yellow circle is a small electrolytic cap. The red and green items are activity LEDs.

Potted parts - a collection of stuff, mostly small ICs under black potting compound.

Not much to say about this adapter. No idea what drivers for what operating systems exist. What little information I have found is here. It seems like versions of this card were made for MANY different computer busses.


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