Model 8573-P75 (8573-121)

Model 8573-121

This machine is one of the two so-called "luggable" models that IBM produced as a part of the PS/2 family. With the 8573-401 (P75) model you got a 486DX-33 CPU, onboard SCSI and four expansion slots. All things considered this was a high end mobile computer system in its day. It runs from AC power only and has no battery inside. Both the P70 and P75 "luggable" systems were very expensive when new. (The P75 retailed for about $19,000 when new!) As a result, neither unit is overly if you can find one, it may well be worth picking up.

The display panel is a plasma type and displays everything in a brilliant orange color. It is capable of 16 color VGA output at most. The P75's onboard graphics are a sort of mix between XGA-1 and VGA...only VGA modes are available on the internal panel and it would appear that there are actually two graphics subsystems in the computer. When driving an external CRT display you can use any mode the XGA-1 and your software is capable of.

This computer was a little rough when I got it. Upon arrival the floppy and clock battery were dead. I replaced the special clock battery module with a standard 4xAA battery holder. The floppy has been replaced temporarily with a spare 2.88MB unit while I try to revive the 1.44MB drive that was in it. For now this drive is just hanging loose as the eject button is a little too long to fit in the stock mounting arrangement. This machine has the following hardware installed in it right now:

486DX-33 CPU
500MB Quantum SCSI hard disk
2.88 MB Floppy Drive