Matrox MG-108-M
@80E8.ADF - Matrox MG-104/108-M Adapter 

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Matrox MG-108-M Adapter
A7-A10 Hitachi HM534251ZP-10
A15-A18 Hitachi HM534251ZP-10
A19 WD WD95C01-LR
A20 Brooktree Bt478KPJ80
A44 685.1
A45 WD WD95C00-VR
J1 HDD15 Video
X1 10.0000 MHz Osc
X2 74.1600 MHz Osc
X4 44.900 MHz Osc
X6 60.000 MHz Osc

 One MB of VRAM, no apparent way to add more. Should be capable of 64k colors- look at the Brooktree 478 RAMDAC.

AdapterId 080E8h Matrox MG-104/108-M Adapter

MG Series-M Model
     This option actually indicates the number of VRAM chips that are installed on your board. A MG-104-M contains 4 VRAM chips, and can display 16 simultaneous colors. A MG-108-M or a MG-104-M with color upgrade kit contains 8 VRAM chips, and can display 256 simultaneous colors. 
     MG-104-M, MG-108-M, MG-104-M + color kit

Monitor type
   This option should indicate what monitor type is actually connected to the MG-104/108-M board. The IBM 85xx choice includes the 8503, 8512, 8513 and 8514 monitors or compatible. For 60 Hz and 70 hz, you can have composite sync on Green (and TTL Composite sync on HSYNC line) or separate TTL HSYNC & VSYNC. Note that the 70 Hz  monitors are NOT supported on all boards.
     IBM 85XX monitor, 60 Hz + composite sync, 60 Hz + separate sync, 70 Hz + composite sync, 70 Hz + separate sync

Host-DSP I/O Base address
   This option selects the I/O base address of the host-DSP interface. If you select any address other than the default (0x0350), you need to set the MGBASE environment variable in your AUTOEXEC.BAT
   <MGBase = 0x0350>, MGBase = 0x0370, MGBase = 0x0250, MGBase = 0x0290

BIOS address
   This option tells where the MG-104/108-M BIOS will be decoded It is NOT alterable. If a memory conflict occurs with this adapter,  you will have to modify the memory location of other adapters until the conflict is solved. 
   <BIOS segment at C680h>

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