Video Capture Adapter

@704E.adf Video Capture Adapter/A 
vcpa.exe Video Capture Card/A App. Prog. Inter. (link to my ISP)  Video Capture Adapter/A Option v1.10 
videocap.txt   Readme for videocap.exe 

Video Capture Adapter Base Card
J1 72 Pin Socket 
U2 Xilinx XC2064-70 PC68C 
U25 Xilinx XC3020-50 PC68C 
U32  N82S181CA 
U35 Xilinx XC2018-70 PC84C
U40 TI -2FML TMS27PC256 
U42, U70 Xilinx XC2018-70 PC68C 
U46-U52 TI TMS4461-12SDL (x6) 
U53-U69 TI TMS4461-12SDL (x17)

Video Capture Daughter Card
J1 Holes for 26 Pin Header 
J2 72 Pin Header 
J3 20 Pin Port 
J4 S-VHS Port 
U5 Brooktree BT101HPJ 
U6 Xilinx XC2018-70 PC84C 
U13-U15 CA3306E
U22 Motorola MC1377FN 
U27 Motorola TDA3330 
U29 VTC (?) VA2706DJ 
U31 Philips DL-750 361579-6 
U32 Philips TDA2595 
Y1 3.5795 MHz Crystal

Video Capture Adapter/A
o   Enables user to capture high quality, photo-like images 
o   Full frame capture from motion video in 1/30 seconds 
o   Images can be manipulated and used in high quality presentations created with the AVC 
o   Uses RGB, NTSC (Composite Video) and Y/C (Super VHS) 
o   Captures 65,536 colors with a resolution of 640 X 480 X 16 bits 
o   Allows user to view live video during capture process; the card is not required for general image presentation purposes 
o   614Kb dual-ported video RAM buffer 
o   Image display modes live, memory, overlay, transparent, pixel 

   The Video Capture Adapter/A provides the capability to capture, display and digitize high quality video images for use in presentations and applications with the Personal System/2 family models.  The adapter supports image capture with the PS/2 Models 50, 55 SX, 60, 70 and 80 and is intended for use with the AVC licensed program. 
       The adapter accepts video input signals through a multi-pin connection on the adapter.  The on-board processor converts the analog signal to a digital format that can be manipulated, compressed and stored by software for later use.  Sophisticated detailed image processing techniques employed in the AVC Image Editor Components enable the user to alter the characteristics of the digitized image as outlined in Programming Announcement 289-333.  The video adapter also contains output connectors, for attachment to a monitor, which allow the user to view live or captured images during the capturing process.  The adapter display capability is not required to run presentations containing captured images.  The standard PS/2 hardware alone enables the complete display of images for authoring and presentation purposes. 
       The video adapter end-bracket contains a 20-pin connector. The associated cable, included with the adapter, supports input/output jacks for connection to RGB (Red-Green-Blue), NTSC 
(National Television Standard Code, also known as Composite Video) and Y/C (Luminance/Chrominance) devices.  The Y/C capability allows the user to capture a significantly higher quality image than those available from NTSC.  Y/C devices, such as Super VHS video cameras and VCRs, are now emerging in the video marketplace. 

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