IBM SVGA Adapter

IBM SVGA Adapter/A Driver Disk 
@90EE.ADF- SVGA Adapter/A 

L5, L9, L10 TDK ZJY-2P 
U43-46 Toshiba TC511665BZ-80 
U47 ICS ICS2494M 
U50 AMD 39G6131
U60 OKI 85F0120 
U61 TI 42G3410 
Y1 F14.3H1
INMOS (a British Company) was acquired in 1989 by  SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics. 

  This puppy has 512K of VRAM. It is supported as a generic SVGA adapter. The SVGA refers only to the 640x480 resolution, NOT color depth. NO specific Win xxx drivers exist. Or for that matter, OS/2 (VGA256).

IBM 1MB SVGA Adapter/A Long card... A long version of the short 71G0650 
720svga.exe   PC Server 720 SVGA support diskette version 1.01 
720svga.txt   Readme for 720svga.exe 

1MB Short SVGA 71G0650 
J1 Video Port 
U1 Cirrus Logic CL-GD5428-80QC-A 
U2 TI 58AV9VK 
U3 06H2194 
U4 PLCC 06H6915
U5  TI 58C3JKK 
U6 TI 58C3JKK 
U7 NEC 424260-70 
U8 NEC 424260-70

NT Support
   This card is supported under NT BUT it does 60Hz only. Any attempts to do 70 or 72 results in NO video. You can do 640x480x64K at 60Hz. It's damn slow. SLOOOW. Do not play DOOM on this card. 

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