M-Motion Video Adapter
@80B3.adf  M-MotionVideo Adapter 

M-MVA Base Card
M-MVA Daughter Card
   Adapter I/O Range
   Adapter Interrupt

m-motion.exe M-Motion 256 color driver 
mcontrol.zip MMotion Media control for M-motion Adt 
mmpmctr1.exe  MMotion MControl/2 for MMPM (1/2) 
mmpmctr2.exe  MMotion MControl/2 for MMPM (2/2) 
m-mvidad.exe   M-Motion Video Adpt. Software v1.02 
m-mvidad.txt     Readme for m-mvidad.exe 

  Don't waste your time complaining that the boards are not fully shown. They are full length, so they don't quite fit on the scanner. The components are correct and in the right arrangement. If you REALLY care, send me a legal-length scanner. 

M-MVA Base Card
J1 12 Pin Header 
J2 80 Pin Header 
OSC1 18.000000 MHz Osc 
U3 Valor DL2086 20nS 
U7 Altera EPB2001LC 
U21, U23 Cypress CY7C408A -25VC
U22 Xilinx XC3390 PP175C-5000
U25 NEC D41256L - 85 
U26-U31 Toshiba TC5242256AZ-10 
U35 Xilinx XC3390 PP175C-5001
U36, U37 Cypress CY93L422PC 

M-MVA Daughter Card
J1 12 Pin Header 
J2 80 Pin Header 
P2 Solder Pads for 26 Pin Header 
U1 Phillips TEA6300T 
U9 Phillips TDA4580 
U11-U14 RET (?) RF6609ANP -011 
U16 Analog Devices AD7547KP
U17 Analog Devices AD7870JP 
U22 Phillips SAA 9060P 
U27 Phillips SAA 9057A 
U28 Phillips TDA8709T 
U29 Phillips TDA8708T 
U30 Phillips SAA 9051 WP 
Y1 24.576 MHz Crystal ???

Different Versions
   The M-Motion Video Adapter/A (#1991, 95F1091) replaces the original M-Motion Video Adapter/A (#3487, 34F3087).  Refer also to Product Announcement 191-036.

   The M-Motion Video Adapter/A is a full-frame buffer that adds audio and video to the Personal System/2 system units with Micro Channel architecture.  This adapter is capable of receiving Composite Video (3 PAL (R)/NTSC or 2 SVHS) and produces a corresponding video CS 
output signal to synchronize the input video sources.  The CS output is fully compatible with CCIR standards at line periods of 64Us and 63.555Us.  The CS output voltage is compatible with TTL levels, terminated into 75 Ohms. Composite Sync (CS) output is available to synchronize up to three compatible video input sources at the same time.

Features and characteristics
o   Full control of digitized video via M-Control Program/2 software. The digitized video images can be sized, captured, stored, and  recalled from the PS/2 workstation. 
o   Full control of output video (contrast, hue, brightness) via software.  Output video and the VGA text and graphics are interchangeable and can be overlaid via software. 
o   Video output fully compatible with PS2 VGA display connection and fully compatible with all high resolution VGA modes (640 and 720 horizontal pels).  Limited support is provided with low   resolution modes (320 or 360 horizontal pels).  This adapter requires the Micro Channel expansion card slot with video extension. 
o   The capability to produce stereo audio output at high quality from two stereo analog audio programmable inputs.  The input line audio can also be digitized and played back at FM quality levels. Full control of audio output (volume, treble, bass, and balance) is available via software. 

080B3  "M-Motion Video Adapter/A"

Adapter I/O Address Range
          <1300>, 3300, 5300, 7300H 

Adapter Interrupt 
   This adapter uses a hardware interrupt. This interrupt may be shared with another adapter, but for maximum performance the interrupt should not be shared. If the interrupt must be shared, share with the interrupt which has the least activity.  This adapter interrupts at a rate of 50 to 60 times per second when enabled. NOTE: Some adapters label interrupt 9 as interrupt 2.  If another adapter is using interrupt 2 and you choose interrupt 9, you will be sharing interrupt 9 with that adapter. 
          <Interrupt 3> or 9 

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