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@5150.adf  ChipChat Sound Card  Latest device drivers for DOS, Win (3.1, 95, NT), OS/2. Setup program 
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ADF Hack - INT7 to INT5 

   Compatible with IBM UltiMedia, MPC, Adlib, PC games, SoundBlaster, SoundBlaster PRO, Windows Sound System, and Plug-and-Play. 

ESS1681 chip. 

ADF Hack
   An ADF tweak- ChipChat soundcard is set to occupy IRQ7 - which might cause strange effects under Win95 with LPT1. Edit the "fixed resource" IRQ7 to IRQ5 (default setting for LPT2) - and everything will be fine. 

From ChipChat
 To use IRQ-5, you need to make the following modifications: 
a. Change @5150.adf file replacing "int 7" with "int 5" 
            (you must re-configure your system after updating the ADF) 
b. DOS Autoexec.bat, change DOSMIXER statement from "-7" to "-5" 
c. Win31 SYSTEM.INI, change [auddrive.drv] from "int=7" to "int=5" 
d. OS2 Config.sys, change device=ES1688DD.SYS from "/I:7" to "/I:5" 
e. Win95, use device manager to change interrupt from 7 to 5 
f. WinNT, re-install and select interrupt 5 

Win95 Speaker Driver
>I know it has been posted here before (more than once!), but I can't find a saved copy and I'm getting ready to install WIN95 on the Mod 90. Will someone please e-mail or post the procedure for getting sound from the system speaker under WIN95? 

From Jerry Wines
  Instructions and a link to download the file can be found here.  This works with Win95, but not with Win98 on my 8590. It works with Win98 on my clone though. 

Possible Video Restrictions
   Opps, looks like I spoke before doing a parity check on my memory. The driver works in both Win95 and 98, but only with the video set to 640x480 at 16 colors. 

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