From Peter 
   I take the occasion to -again- point out that to my opinion the IBM DDRS
drives are highly recommended for the use in a 95 server. The DORS and DCAS are fine for desktops, since they run rather cool (the DORS takes 4 watts only), the DCHS is a drive produced for a very short time and most of them are rather old already. The DCHS superseeded the DFHS, which was the "1st generation 7.200 rpm Server Drive", with some pitfalls on power consumption, heat emission, space (older types are 1" high) and -sadly- reliability. 
   If you find a DFRS ... reject it. DFRS are basically DFHS that went through a "refresh" program (therefore -R- in this case) and often are of obscure quality. These "refreshed" drives have a large black stripe on the barcode label with white "RE" in it. These are refurbished and therefore 2nd choice drives.
      The DDRS finally was the 3rd generation drive (after DFHS and DCHS) where they learned to handle the problems. I have 7 of them in my Server 520 (DDRS-34560 UW, some LVD) along with 2 x DCHS and 2 x Quantum Atlas. The DDRS is available as 50, 68 and 80 pin version. For the Server 95A "non Array" with F/W "Corvette" I would pick the 68-pin version and tailorize an appropriate SCSI 68-pin cable.
   The lower drivebay can be modified to even take 3 drives without using the Hot Swap trays ... which have some disadvantages (rear connectors for Molex's, fixed SCSI IDs to 1,2,3 ... etc.). On a non-array machine I prefer to have ID-6 at the bottom, 5,4 above, either 3,2,1 in the next triplet -or- a tape at ID 3 and a CD-ROM in the single 5.25" bay at ID-0.

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