AIX for PS/2
289-158  AIX PS/2 OS VER 1.1 AND Related Programs
292-530  Withdrawl:  AIX PS/2 1.2.1 OS (replaced with 1.3)
392-208  AIX PS/2 NO-CHARGE Upgrade (to ver 1.3)

292-528  AIX PS/2 OS VERSION 1.3
   AIX PS/2 OS Ver 1.3 supports all PS/2 system units based on the 386sx-16MHz up through 486DX2-66MHz, MCA or AT -Bus.
 Exploitation of XGA and XGA-2 graphics and XGA/Graphics Support Library (GSL) is provided for IBM PS/2 Models 70, 80, 90 XP 486 and 95 XP 486.  Support for greater than 16MB of system memory is provided for IBM PS/2 Models 90 XP 486 and 95 XP 486 and support for 32 bit Direct Memory Access (DMA) and Error Correcting Code (ECC) Memory in PS/2 models offering these functions.

Don Hills (in Kiwi Land) insinuated:
A little bit of history:
   AIX PS/2 1.1 was behind the competition in features, but worked quite
well. It was Micro Channel only.
   AIX PS/2 1.2 was widely regarded as a pig to install and maintain and
its bad reputation resulted in the eventual decision to drop the product.
   But in the meantime, a "small dedicated crew operating underneath the
radar of the corporate death squads" remedied the shortcomings and added
wish list items such as ISA bus support. This became AIX PS/2 1.3, which
the few people lucky enough to get it found was a solid, reliable high-
performance UNIX.

Brad Boot sez:
   Sure wish I could of got my hands on the release. I was working on
regression testing the multimedia stuff. For those that aren't OS/2 savy, OS/2 originally didn't have multimedia support. Due to the superior modular design of the code, multimedia should have been a cinch to add. Alas, while we were fine tuning drivers, IBM decided to move Warp and company from Boca Raton to Texas, Ft. Worth IIRC. That effectively hammered the nails into Warp for the PowerPC. What a shame. I remember rumors of the beta running on the very early Apple something with the 601 or 604 PPC processor. All I ever saw was the laptops we used for development.

Les Wolff howls with:
   We still run the aix platform on mod 80's..started running it on 8570's in
90.  It is and was my impression it would run on micro channel and the
drivers have always been sufficient for our use.  I have the complete aix 60 lbs of manuals and diskettes or close.a sixty dollar purchase back in the
good old days of the CompuServe ps2 forum.  We run Napa Tracs on it was an IBM**Napa venture way back when.  They would like to move us to Unix another version that is, but we love aix, very stable and is fast on a mod 80 with a blue lightning 486bl66 upgrade.  We run four terminals two printers and it doesn't bog with a busy system....I obtained the patches from IBM many years ago that would allow aix to be used on a non micro channel but haven't had the need to switch yet.   

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