Type 0 Complex

 rf90386a.exe  (No diagnostics disk needed)

57X4111 Unknown
33F5946 ???
33F5944 ???
90X8134 DMA Controller (Also used on K complexes)
A82385  Memory / cache controller is the same as on the "revised" 20MHz Mod. 80 boards *1) and on the 25MHz (but a 20MHz version of that) and on the Mod. 70-Axx "processor complex card". That's an Intel-creation.

I don't know whether I want to thank or curse Rich Wolos for providing this. It has a desire to see only the SCSI w/cache and XGA. I dimly remember from the soul scarring installation attempt that resulted in a massive reformat and restoring system partition that it wants 85nS memory.

The 4 TC5588J-25 are the 64K cache for the 386DX-20.

From Rich Wolos
   I had these -402 beasts.  Converted them all to 486, no problems now.
Just have to reload the IML on hard drive.  Usually do a LLF first. The -402 will only accept 4x 2/85 (2MB 72pin simms FRU# 92F0104) = 8-mb on motherboard, 8-mb more on an expansion card.  Bootable refdisk for that 90386 is only available by backing up.  Keep a copy before you switch, may be useful someday <g>.

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