@8F70.ADF - IBM RIC Portmaster Adapter/A 
C8F70.ADF - Init file for @8F70.ADF 

m39h8070.exe  Option disk for ARTIC Portmaster (53F2601, -04, -07).
189-169  Realtime Interface Co-Processor Portmaster & Related Features

8 Port RS232 Interface Card

Portmaster FRU 53F2603
CON1 30 pin socket
CON2,3 60 pin socket
U4 57F0930ESD
U11 72 pin SIMM socket
U19 57F2709 Bios Odd
U20 57F2710 Bios Even
U22 80C186-12
U25 33F8801ESD
U31,32 Zilog Z0803606VSC Z-C10
U33,35 SCN26562C4A52
Y1 25.0 MHz osc
Y2 14.7456 MHz osc
My Portmaster had a 2MB SIMM, 512K-36, P/N 68X6172, FRU 90X8625 installed. It was also marked "Samsung KMM536512BG-8".

8 Port RS232 Interface Board P/N 53F2610  FRU 57F3118
K0 30 pin header
K1,2 60 pin header
P1 Dsub-78
U1,2 SCN26562C4A52
U37 33F5251 (Bios for card?)

  Shocking news, but the maker and model of the Dsub-78 is ITT, 2DD100SBR-1

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