IBM Fax Concentrator

190-118  IBM PS/2 Fax Concentrator/A

Fax Concentrator Base Board   IFCU-1

A1 3P400L2 supressor
CN3  56 pin receptacle
CN4 RJ-11 jack
HIC1 H012715 (voltage regulator?)
IC1 TEL TE7730
IC3 80C186
IC4 MB8421-90L
IC5 MB8431-90L
IC7 Rockwell Monofax R96MFX
IC8 NEC D72001GC
IC9 Ricoh RF5GF21
IC10 82C55AFP
IC11 MSM6843RS
IC12 MSM6258V6S
PC1 Sharp PC817
PC2 Sharp dual PC817
PC3 Sharp PC725V
XTL1 20.00 MHz Xyal
XTL2 8.000 MHz osc
XTL3 24.0000 MHz osc
XTL4 3.579 MHz xtal
T1 Big whoppin' transformer

Fax Concentrator Daughter Card  IFCU-2
  CN1  56 pin header
  IC1 27C512 Odd
  IC2 MB1422A
  IC3 27C512 Even
  IC5-8 NEC 424256-80
  XTL1 20.000 MHz osc

   The board says "Silicon Software" by Ready Systems Corp.
   CN1 mates with CN3 on the base board.

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