@0083.ADF - SK-NET FDDI-xM/FDDI Network Adapter
Drivers   Hardware Diagnostic Program for DOS Remote Boot ROM image for NetWare IPX. 
On-Line Luser Manual for the FDDI Family 
PDF Looser's Manual 

SK-5221 FDDI-UM Copper, RJ-45, SAS (Single Attachment Station)
SK-5224 FDDI-FM Fiber, MIC, SAS (Single Attachment Station)

D1 Tx/Rx?
J6 Daughtercard?
U1 Technitrol TR976U301X
U2 Actel A1020B PQ100C
U10-13 Cypress CYC199-20VC
U27 50.000 MHz osc
U30 Actel A1020B-2 PC100C
U41 ES2 SKNETFE 3354 208
U43 AM79C830AKC 
U47 AM79C864AKC
U52 OKI M82C54-2
X 40.0000 MHz osc

LAN Interface AMD FORMAC Plus
Onboard Memory 128 kByte CMOS static

AdapterID 0083 SK-NET FDDI-xM

I/O Port Address Location
   Each FDDI adapter installed is assigned a unique address location.
    <"0200-03ff">, 0600-07ff, 0a00-0bff, 1200-13ff, 2200-23ff, 4200-43ff, 8200-83ff, fe00-ffff, fa00-fbff, f600-f7ff, ee00-efff, de00-dfff, be00-bfff, 7e00-7fff

Interrupt Level
   This adapter can operate on one of four interrupt levels: 3, 9, 10, or 11
    <"Interrupt 9">, 10, 11, 3

EPROM Address location
   There are 7 possible 16K blocks of PC memory that can be assigned for accessing the EPROM area of the FDDI Network adapter.
    <"EPROM Disabled">, C4000-C7FFF, C8000-CBFFF, CC000-CFFFF, D0000-D3FFF, D4000-D7FFF, D8000-DBFFF, DC000-DFFFF

Remote boot on/off
   Enables/disables booting from network.
     <"Remote boot on">, Remote boot off

Bus Master Arbitration Level
   Each Busmaster and/or DMA device is assigned an  unique arbitration level in order to arbitrate conflicting requests.
    <"Level 8">, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Fairness on/off
   Each participant is assigned a priority by arbitration level .
      Fairness on:  Priority defines sequence of granting the bus on conflicting requests. The latency time on bus requests is calculable.
     Fairness off: Higher priority gives more time on the bus.  The latency time on bus requests is NOT calculable.
     <"Fairness ON">, Fairness OFF

Streaming data enable/disable
     <"Streaming data disable>, Streaming data enable

Check on forbidden 8-Bit accesses
   Working as busmaster the adapter supports accesses to 32-Bit and 16-Bit memory slaves. If the adapter performs an access to an 8-Bit slave an interrupt may be asserted and reported (check on) or not (check off).
    <"Check on">, Check off
Check CHCK
   Working as busmaster the adapter may check the control line 'CHCK'. If the check is enabled the adapter asserts an interrupt and reports this event.
   <"Check on">, Check off

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