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Install Floppy Drive
Remove Rail Guide from Storage Trail 
Insert Rail Guide
5.25" Drive Rail Dimensions
3.5" Hard Drive Mounting Tray 

Mounting Hardware

 Drives come in a variety of heights. You can install half-high drives that are less than 41.3 mm (1.6 in.) high in any of the bays.  Drives that are greater than 41.3 mm (1.6 in.) high (full-high) can be installed in bay C or bay D. Bays C and D can each hold two half-high drives or one full-high drive. 

          Different types of hardware (slides, rails, and trays) are used to install a drive in a bay.  The type and size of the drive, as well as where it is to be installed, determine what hardware you will need when installing it. 

          Cover plates (sometimes called bezels) cover the front of each installed drive. If you install a drive that uses removable media (diskette, tape, optical disc, or CD), you will need to change the cover plate. 

Installing Floppy Drives

Install the diskette drive in bay A or B: 
Note:  The figures that accompany these steps show the installation occurring in bay A.  These instructions also apply to bay B. 
   a. If a flat cable is folded inside bay A, unfold it and route it along the back of the bays. 
   b. Position the drive so the connector is facing the rear of the server. 
   c. Align the drive with the guides on the bottom of the bay. 
   d. Slide the drive into the bay until it stops. 

3.  Locate the connector on the flat cable directly behind the bay you are using (A or B), and connect it to the back of the drive. 
Note:  For bay A, use the middle connector (labeled "P2-1"). For bay B, use the bottom connector (labeled "P2-0").  FWIW, P2-2 is for a floppy tape backup OR for a 5.25" floppy.

3.5" Floppy Drive Slide  64F0156
1.2MB 5.25" Floppy       64F4102
5.25" FloppyDrive Slide  85F0040
5.25" Floppy Rail Kit    85F0041 (Use 5.25" Drive Rail)
5.25" Floppy Bezel       64F4103

Remove Rail Guide From Storage Tray

Pull up on the tab (1) on the back of the tray and pull out the rails stored on the bottom of the tray. 

Storage Tray  84F8075
Rail Guide    60G9827

Insert Rail Guide

Press a rail guide into each side of the DASD support structure. The left and right guide rails are the same.

5.25" Drive Rail Dimensions

  I measured this from a single RAID bay.

HD Mounting Tray


85 P/N 85F0013
95 P/N 64F0141

My 9595s are stamped 10G4769.

NOTE: The drive may be installed in the tray with the mounting screw flange pointed down (as pictured)  or pointed up. This is helpful if you have a mix of 1.6" and 1" drives to install.

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