8580 Axx

rf7080a.exe Model 8570/8580 Reference Disk ver 1.12 
190-055  MODEL 80 (8580-A21, -A31)
Clock speed:  25Mhz (Axx models) 
Cache: 64kb SRAM L2 cache (Axx only) 

F2 1A
F3 1.5A
F4 2.0A
J1 Display connector 
J2 DB25 Serial connector 
J3 Parallel connector 
J4 Pointing-device connector 
J5 Keyboard connector 
J6,7 16-bit AVE slot
J8,9 Memory expansion connectors
J10,11,12,13 32-bit slot 
J14,15  16-bit slot
J16 Power-supply connector 
J17 Solder pads for two pin header
J18 Diskette-drive connector 
J19 Battery/speaker connector 
U7 23F3001
U14 LM340T5 7805 +P
U15,17,22,23,26,30-32 M5M4464AL-12
U16 90X8941 VGA
U42 57X4111 MS700CD
U48 NS16550AFV
U54 82385-25
U59 P8042AH
U96 80386DX-25
U99-106 Mitsubishi M5M5178P-33
U120,121 N8259A-2
U131 NEC D72065L
U132 Motorola MC146818AFN
U137 72X8299 PIO
U140 67F4356 Bios Even 
U141 67F4355 Bios Odd
U147 90X8134 DMA
U152 Sanyo LC3664NML-12
U153 Motorola MC14069UB
U165 Math-coprocessor connector
Y1 28.322 MHz osc
Y2 25.175 MHz osc
Y3 1.8432 MHz osc
Y4 50.0000 MHz osc
Y5 32.0000 MHz osc
Y6 32.8 kHz xtal
Y7 14.318 MHz osc
Y8 40.0000 MHz osc

  The IBM Personal System/2 4MB System Board Memory Expansion
Kit allows greater system board memory expansion.  This 4MB memory
expansion option can be used on the Model 80 A21 and A31 to expand
system board memory to 8MB.  This memory option is only supported on
the Model 80 A21 and A31. (not totally true!)
 The Model 80 A21 and A31 support Direct Memory Access (DMA)
parallel communications.

-A21 - 386-25, 4MB RAM, 120MB SCSI hardfile, 1.44MB
-A31 - 386-25, 4MB RAM, 320MB SCSI hardfile, 1.44MB

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