8555 Planar
Both of these planars and the three risers were sent to me by David Beem from New Mexico.

rf5565a.exe    PS/2 8555/8565 reference diskette v1.05
Early Planar
Late Planar
Early Riser
Newer Riser
Late Riser

Early 8555SX Planar
F1 3A
J1 Mouse
J2 Keyboard
J3 DB25 Serial
J4 Parallel
J5 HDD15 Video
J7 Power cable P7 header
J8 40 pin floppy header
J9 Bus Riser
J14 Power cable P14 header
ZM2 IMGS171S-35
ZM16 23F8566
ZM17 23F9177
ZM18 15F6864
ZM23,24 72 pin SIMM sockets
MMI 33F5102 hot glued to planar
ZM25-28, 32-35 NEC D4146L-10
ZM40 Dallas DS1287
ZM43 33F8145 BIOS Odd
ZM44 33F8146 BIOS Even
ZM49 27F4620
ZM53 27F4659
ZM54 27F4619
ZM62 80386SX-16
ZM61 80387SX-16
ZM69 P8042AH
ZM80 90X8134ESD DMA
Y1 25.175 MHz osc
Y2 28.32200 MHz osc
Y3 14.31818 MHz osc
Y4 32.00000 MHz osc

Late 8555SX Planar
F4 KB Fuse
J1 HDD-15 Video
J2 DB25 Serial
J3 Parallel
J4 Mouse
J5 Keyboard
J6 Bus Riser
J7 Power header P7
J8,9 72 pin SIMM sockets
J11 40 pin floppy header
J14 Power header P14
ZM2 IMSG171P-35R
ZM10 P8042AH
ZM20 15F6864
ZM21 37F0728
ZM22 23F8566
ZM25-31 NEC D4146L-10
ZM33 RPL chip
ZM38 27F4620
ZM39 Dallas DS1287
ZM40 33F8145 BIOS Odd
ZM41 33F8146 BIOS Even
ZM51 57F1139
ZM60 80387SX-16
ZM61 80386SX-16
ZM63 27F4619
ZM64 90X8134ESD DMA
Y1 28.3220 MHz osc
Y3 25.1750 MHz osc
Y4 32.00000 MHz osc
Y5 14.318181 MHz

Early Riser P/N 27F4625

This riser is bare of anything to the right of the MCA slots but the battery/speaker connector.

Newer Riser  P/N 27F4625

This riser has an addition of a resistor, a 74F08N, and a bit of wiring on the back.

Late Riser P/N 27F4666

  This bad boy moves the battery/speaker header down and adds a few resistors and capacitors.

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