7546 Manuals inbound, 27 April 01.

I have zipped the below files. Still working on getting them set up on www.gilanet.com, but until I get the links figured out, email me for the 7546 files... (7.9MB!)

Models 511,512,660,662,670, and 672 (Lacuna Based)
M71G4082.EXE Local Bus Drv for OS/2 2.0 1/2 
M71G4085.EXE Local Bus Drv for OS/2 2.0 2/2 
M83G8800.EXE Local Bus Drv for OS/2 2.11 
M83G9561.EXE Local Bus Drv/Inst for Dos/Win. 
M83G8049.EXE Reference Diskette 
M83G8052.EXE Diagnostic Diskette 
G7JT61A.EXE FLASH Diskette 

Models 411,412,640 and 642 (Bermuda Based?)
M61G2330.EXE Reference Diskette 
M71G6161.EXE Diagnostic Diskette 

Models A11,A12,620 and 622 (8557 386SX?)
M82G5722.EXE Diagnostic Diskette 
M82G5724.EXE Reference Diskette 

Models 011,012,610,611,612, and 613
10G7427.EXE Diagnostic Diskette 

ABIOS.SYS Additional OS/2 2.0 GA files for 7546 planar 
SF838XX.BIO Additional OS/2 2.0 GA files for 7546 planar 

7546 Parts List
191-151  IBM 7546 INDUSTRIAL COMPUTER (-011)
192-298  IBM 7546 INDUSTRIAL COMPUTER (-A11,411)

 The 7546 is a x577 based system. It has a fan and a grille in the front of the system on the side opposite of the control module (of course...).

197 W, used in the 8577/9577 Dual voltage with manual switch

205W, 84F7405 (SWAG)-  Auto-ranging (no switch)
15F8625, Battery (for 205 w power supply) 
04G2162, Tray, Battery

When the 205W power supply is installed in the 7546 with the optional backup battery in place, the maximum number of DASD devices that can be installed internally is reduced to three.  This is because the battery is
located in a bay that could otherwise accept a DASD device.

Models 511,512,660,662,670, and 672 Lacuna
Models 411,412,640 and 642 Bermuda 486DX2-66
Models A11,A12 25MHz 486SLC2

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