7568 Processor Card
@8FFB.ADF - IBM Gearbox Model 800 486 Processor Card 
@8FFF.ADF - IBM Gearbox Model 800 Processor Card 
Processor Cards
   D40 / C40 (486-25)
   040 / 150 (386-25)
      ADF 8FFB and 8FFF Sections 
Available User Memory
   Installed System vs. User Memory
Processor Card SVAI CP Codes

Reference and Driver Disks (as of 24 Aug 00)
Model 150
US_7568.EXE Reference Diskette
M41G3668.EXE 7568 Reference Companion Diskette Image

Model C40
7568_C40.EXE Reference Diskette
M41G3668.EXE 7568 Reference Companion Diskette Image

Model D40
M82G3252.EXE Reference Diskette

Processor Cards (Not complexes!)
D40 Processor Card
Announcement Letter 192-217
   The 486 DX2-50MHz Processor Card is compatible with and may be installed in earlier versions of the Model 800. Full support for 8MB memory modules and for system memory greater than 16MB requires that this feature be installed in earlier Model 800 systems. The 7568-D40, and earlier systems with the 486DX2-50MHz Processor Card installed, do not support the 0-16MB Extended Memory Adapter (#6345)

Memory Module Positions There are five memory module positions on the processor card. Position J1 is dedicated to providing error correcting code (ECC) capability, and is therefore not available as system memory. J2-5 are available for system memory.

SIMM Installation Order
   You MUST have a SIMM in J1 and J2. If you are installing more SIMMs, install each in the next avalable slot (J3, then J4, and then J5

Initial setup and loading of diagnostic software on Gearboxes with no DASD requires the use of the Setup and Service Device (#6230).

C40 and D40 Processor Card
DS1 Run/Check LED
DS2 Memory/Check
DSP1 Alphanumeric display
J1 Error Correcting Code SIMM 
J2-J5 72 pin SIMMs
P1,2 Backplane connectors
U1 Processor card BIOS
U11,107,128 57X4111
U28,100 N82C54-2
U43 Xilinix XC2018-70
U53 5v 486DX socket
U64 Xilinix XC2064-70
U65,99,131 Xilinix XC3020-70
U123 Xilinix XC3030-70
U126,137  8259-A
Y1 50.0000 MHz osc
U1 Processor Card BIOS The updated BIOS that makes a C40 into a D40 (and D40 comes stock with) is 10G7021

CPU Upgrades
  I have used a 486DX4-100 ODPR and an Evergreen 486DX4-100 (?) successfully, while a Kingston TC133 would not start.

Memory Supported
C40/D40- 2, 4, and 8MB 80nS. (Ed. 70nS tested out fine, works fine with the D40 BIOS) All SIMMs MUST be the same size.

XGA-2 and 4 DASD Only Supported by D40

C40 Processor Card
Announcement Letter 191-152
Intel 80486 microprocessor operating at 25MHz, thereby offering improved processor throughput speed.  This card can upgrade the 040/150 models..

040 / 150 Processor Card
   Uses an  Intel 80386DX-25 (w/32KB of L2 cache) and has a socket for an 80387. The base memory is 8MB on the Model 150, or 4MB (expandable to 8MB) on the Model 040.  In addition, the Model 800 will support the 0-16MB Extended Memory Adapter (#6345).  All memory is Error Correcting Code (ECC). 

80387 MATH CO-PROCESSOR (25 MHZ) (INDUSTRIAL) (#6532):  The 80387 Math Co-Processor (Industrial) has been modified to meet the environmental requirements of the GEARBOX system. (Ed. maybe one of the ceramic capped chips?)

Memory Supported
040/150 2MB 80nS SIMMs (supports 0-16MB Memory Expansion Adapter)

   Same as the 150, but no SCSI drive OR floppy drive. 4MB base memory, expandable to 8MB. Supports the 0-16MB Extended Memory Adapter (#6345).

AdapterId 8FFB (486) and 8FFF (386)

Bus Arbitor Fairness
   Whether the Processor Card arbitor should support  bus access fairness.
     <"Enable">, "Disable"

Burst Mode
   This item together with the previous one determine the type of bus fairness is employed.
     <"Enable">, "Disable" 

Bus Arbitration Level - F
   Arbitration level used by this processor card when requesting system bus usage (ownership). (Ed. There are a bunch of commented out choices)
  <"ONLY CHOICE" (arb 15)>

32 Bit Transfers - Enabled
   Sets the processor's transfer rate to 32 bits.

Available User Memory
   Memory available to the user will be less than the total system memory installed on the processor card for several reasons.

1. BIOS Mapping  Uses 128KB  and applies at all total memory levels.
2. Loss of Split Memory At 16MB or greater 256KB of  memory is lost. 
3. Memory "Gap" Support If an adapter requires memory below 16MB, up to 2MB will be lost if system has 16MB or greater. Varies based on individual adapters.

   If five of the 8MB memory modules were installed on the processor card, (one module provides ECC), results could be as follows:

   32,000KB  32768KB Total system memory
    - 128KB  Required for BIOS (0.125MB)
    - 256KB  Loss of split memory mapping (0.250MB)
   - 2048KB  Memory gap support to adapters (2MB)
   30,336KB Net available to the user

Net: Memory available to the user can be up to 2.375MB less than total system memory. This applies at total memory levels of 16MB or greater, if an adapter requires use of the 2MB "gap".

Installed Sytem Memory vs. User Memory
     4                    3.875
     8                    7.875
    12                   11.875
    16                   13.625 min / 15.625 max
    24                   21.625 min / 23.625 max
    32                   29.625 min / 31.625 max

Processor Card SVAI CP Codes
CP  Code Description
0   Normal Operations
1   Initialized the PPIS
2   Start scanning for the Processor card
3   Processor scan error
4   System Resource scan error
5   Cached SCSI card initialization

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